Five of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Five of Swords

The main character in this card holds three swords, while the others have dropped theirs. But they are weeping in anguish, not congratulating the victor. Was it worth it? You may have won a battle of words, but damaged a friendship.

The Five of Swords invites you to ask yourself how you want to relate to others when in conflict. Are you really creating the best outcome or are you motivated by ego & pointless competitiveness?

Examine your motivations and actions honestly. There are times when you need to stay strong in your position come what may, but this card is suggesting this may not be one of those times.

Take some time to genuinely empathize with your opponent and see if you can find some value in their position or at least validate their needs. What would change if you assumed the best of them instead of the worst?

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