The Moon Tarot Card Meaning

The Moon

The Moon represents the unconscious–the part of us that we are unaware of, but affects us nevertheless.

Our unconscious is made up of suppressed or forgotten memories, traumas, defense mechanisms like denial and projection, biases, and all manner of automatic reactions…and also our deepest passions and desires and gifts that we have denied in ourselves.

The invitation with The Moon is to actively explore your unconscious.

There is an unbelievable amount of energy tied up in the unconscious mind that is just waiting for us to untangle and reunite with. Much of healing is doing this work of re-integrating the forgotten, rejected, judged, and suppressed parts of ourselves.

This process is emotional, non-linear, and cannot be rushed. Our unconscious operates in symbols (consider your dreams, which have a logic all their own). The unconscious can be worked with through observation (mindfulness), meditation, artmaking, movement arts like Ecstatic Dance or Authentic Movement, communing with nature, or many other modalities, including Tarot.

Any form of spontaneous expression, even doodling, will reveal the unconscious if it is engaged in with a depth of focus and allowing and deep listening. Developing this sensitivity can make you feel more permeable, but only because you are aware of parts of yourself that you weren’t aware of before, so more of their reactions reach your conscious mind. Let this process unfold, and consider it an honor to tend to yourself in this way.


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