Page of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Page of Swords

Pages represent our first, awkward, enthusiastic steps into a new domain or project. Swords present ideas and communication. Together, the Page of Swords suggests the beginning of something new, where there is passion but a lack of skill.

I can also represent being excited about a new direction, but not having the follow through to make true progress. You may jump to conclusions, act rashly, or not take things as seriously as you should.

Pages bring “beginner’s mind” to their domain, which is essential for learning. Explore freely, follow your passion, ask questions, and recognize that all beginners make mistakes.

Enjoy where you are at, just make sure that you recognize that to truly build something new, you are going to have to put in the work, and it won’t all be exciting. Let your enthusiasm carry you forward, and let it also mature into a commitment.

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