Two of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Two of Swords

The Two of Swords represents an impasse. The woman on the card is blindfolded, meaning that you don’t feel you have enough information yet with which to make a decision. It can feel like you are at an impasse or face an impossible choice.

But, when you can’t use your normal senses or methods to understand a situation, you still have your intuition, represented here by the moon.

The invitation with the Two of Swords is to get quiet & mindful, and listen to clues in the stillness of your heart about what to do next.

Avoid jumping to conclusions based on reactions and dualistic thinking. There is no urgency in this card, showing that this process cannot be rushed. Let yourself slowly become aware of the fullness of the situation–everything it means to you and everything you are aware of connected to it.

You can support this decision-making process through intuitive art-making, walking or sitting in nature, or meditation. Let go of any impulse to over-analyze, and make peace with your uncertainty. You don’t know yet, and that’s OK.

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